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 Matagamon Dam, constructed in 1941 is a concrete structure, 218 feet long and 30 feet high. It was built to replace a timber crib structure constructed in 1880's. Located on the outlet of Grand Lake Matagamon, which includes 1st and 2nd Lakes, with a total impoundment of 4200 acres and a total drainage area of 496 square miles. Owned and operated by East Branch Improvement Company and managed for hydroelectric storage in the Penobscot River system.

 Ownership of Matagamon Dam was transferred to Matagamon Lake Association, formed in January 2001, for the expressed purpose of maintaining the structure for the benefit of fisheries, wildlife, recreational values and downstream safety (flood control). The operation of Matagamon Dam is essential to the cold-water ecosystem; supporting a high quality sport fishery in the East Branch system. Regulating the flows in the East Branch have been critical to the rehabilitation of the wild brook trout , landlocked and Atlantic salmon. Stable, regulated water levels in the lake are necessary for a self sustaining lake trout population, and maintaining waterfowl nursery.

Currently we have representatives from Maine Department if Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, the Maine Atlantic Salmon Commission, the Penobscot Indian Nation and six camp owners on our board of directors. A technical advisory committee with representatives of these same entities, has been established to advise the board on water levels and flows in relation to the above goals.  

We Need Help!!!!!

To operate and control this dam, we will incur considerable expenses, and would appeal to groups and individuals to join our Association, and or make donations to our 501-c3 non-profit corporation to help in our endeavor.

To contact the Association e-mail: or write to: Matagamon Lake Association, Inc. P.O. Box 676, Patten, Maine 04765


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